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  • Rapid Deployment

  • Offline Safe Mode

  • Intuitive Interface

  • Increase Productivity



Multiple windows, locations and clicks


Click and pop-up intensive interaction


Whiteboard, Visio or custom document creation for design modeling



Single source for all critical relationship data


Create, Edit functionality for Relationships, Entities and Fields


No consequences approach to entity design and layout structure prior to publishing


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At the core of our business we are an ISV, creating solutions by leveraging our deep development muscle, rich knowledge of Microsoft technologies and drive to deliver game-changing software to the Microsoft Dynamics market.

Speak with anyone at ICORA for more than a couple minutes and you’ll understand the passion behind this statement. Our intimate domain expertise of the Dynamics ecosystem gives us the edge you are looking for in a strong ISV Partner.

We have set course to deliver impactful solutions to Dynamics partners and customers. These solutions increase line of business efficiencies and deliver a rich user experience driving throughput.

We are a Nebraska Global company founded on the principle, that when nerds and money meet great things happen. ICORA and its line of products are a result of that synergy. We are well funded in both people and capital which allows us to focus on innovation and scale quickly without burden. We embrace this relationship as it provides such a unique advantage that allows us to focus on what we do best – solve hard problems with great software.

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The SquaIicorax, "crow shark" as its common name, is the shark species that roamed the open waters above what is now Nebraska and Kansas in the Cretaceous period. Sharks are known today as being highly evolved and sophisticated.


Paul Bauer Product Manager

I love the idea of tracking things. Huge amounts of information can be gleaned from simple history! When I eat nachos before a Nate and AJ show (my band), I don’t lose my voice as quickly. I think it’s the salt. How would I prove that? Well, I’d track the times I eat salty things before a show as well as how long my voice lasted that night. Alas, I’m bad at tracking things so I just stick to nachos.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is exciting because it allows us to feasibly track anything. Lifetime revenue from a customer? Easy. Time a customer spends on our website? Can do. Nacho to vocal longevity ratio? Why not?


Avery Klein Business Development Manager

Avery was born and raised in Denver. As a result, he tries to get as many snowboarding trips in as possible. He has a lovely wife Sara, and is very fortunate to have welcomed a baby girl to his family this past year. He has a great dog that is a constant source of entertainment. Avery has a wide range of interests including; architecture, remodeling older homes, rebuilding cars, live music and all sports.

Avery graduated from the University of Nebraska. He has always enjoyed helping others and loves that he is part of a company that is very active in giving back.


Brian Gansemer Software Engineer

I hate writing bios but, I wanted to be nice. Things I do like? Going home to my beautiful wife, being a dad to my two awesome young daughters, having a beer with friends, playing guitar in my band, riding my Harley, hopping in a boat and skiing, tailgating on Husker game days, and sometimes lying on the couch and reading a good book. Oh, and developing quality software products can be a lot of fun too.

I should also mention that I grew up in small town Nebraska. Graduated magna cum laude from Creighton University, spent time in the Army as a lieutenant, and have been developing commercial software products for almost 20 years.


Cody Leach Software Engineer

Cody was raised in Sidney, Nebraska. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to attain a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He was lucky enough to study abroad in Bilbao, Spain in 2009. He started as an intern in August 2010, and is excited to be a part of where ICORA is heading.

Cody enjoys the problem solving side of software development, but his true interests lie in user experience and interaction design. He is fascinated by the psychological impact of technology, and how software has an influence on the user.


Hari Wiguna Software Engineer

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I came to the U.S. to go to college and liked America so much I decided to stay. I love anything tech and geeky: software, hardware, LEGO, crosswords, Buckyballs, memes. I was fortunate enough to have been part of a successful startup (eSellerate). I can’t wait to see ICORA blossom.

do {
bool havingFun = design | code | learn | share;
} while (havingFun & !dead);


John Petelle Sales Specialist

John has found ways to work with technology in a variety of industries including the Marine Corps, veteran's organizations, book and newspaper publishing, elementary school education, and software development. Within those fields, he has filled roles as a public relations officer, an editor, an instructor, a technical writer, a salesman, and a product manager.

John is married, with three children, a Shih Tzu and several aquariums filled with fish. When he runs out of fish tanks to clean, he enjoys science fiction, cooking exotic food, playing chess, and MMO gaming.



Become part of our Partner Program

ICORA serves the Microsoft channel of partners. We share a similar passion for innovation and drive for delivering a superior experience to customers. Our deep appreciation and respect for the network of partners existing in this space leads us to seek more than just a vendor/supplier relationship
This Reselling Partner Program is designed to support
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners who offer implementation services to their customers

This comprehensive program allows reselling partners to:

  • Provide superior application implementations to your customers.
  • Receive generous margins on products sold to your customers.
  • Access pre-sales assistance including: product
    marketing brochures and web product demos with customers.
  • Receive quality service and personal guidance from
    your ICORA Account Specialist.

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